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Bruce Schryver and 1991 Camaro - fall of 1990 at Cbad

This picture (below) was taken during practice. This is the bike that Rick Johnson won on in 1985. He rode that bike in practice because his 1985 race bike was being worked on in the pits during practice. Funny thing is when Rick came back to the pits after practice he asked his mechanic whose bike that was he rode-it was horrible. The mechanic looked at him and said "That's the bike you won on last year". --Dave Martinez

Rick Johnson 1985 Photo 1
This picture (below) was taken during the first moto, Rick Johnson leading. That is the bike that wasn't ready to ride in practice that morning. --Dave Martinez
Rick Johnson 1985 Photo 2

The first pic is of me (David Barr) in 1981 on my YZ 250 at the bottom of the uphill at Carlsbad
Photo by Dan Fogarty. The club I was in was CMC.

David Bar 1981 Uphill at Carlsbad Photo by Dan Fogarty
The other two pics (below) are of my son Cameron on his very first motorcycle the first day he got it. 
Cameron Barr
Cameron Barr on First Motorcycle on first day he got it
A new rider is brought into the world. Too bad Carlsbad Raceway is gone....


USGP Pics below by Adrian J. Castenada

USGP Motocross photos by Adrian Castenada

I have attached several photos I took of David Bailey at Carlsbad Raceway, I believe from 1985.

In 1978 I started attending the USGP's, 125/250 MX Nationals, Golden State Series, and ABC Superbikers as a spectator at Carlsbad Raceway, and later raced MX there in 1981-82 on the actual USGP course. 

I have many great memories of Carlsbad including a seeing the Brad Lackey / Andre Malherbe / Hakan Carlquist / Heikki Mikkola battles for the world championships, a 15 year old Rick Johnson devastate a field of the fastest local racers before he could compete in the Nationals, Marty Moates winning the 1980 USGP, and Magoo Chandler winning the Superbikers in 1982.

I have also included a photo of myself at the Palm Ave riding area (south of Carlsbad raceway) in 1981, a very popular riding area off the 805 freeway in Chula Vista California back in the 70's and 80's. This riding area is long gone, but the new "Chula Vista Quarry Raceway", where Rick Johnson and Jeremy McGrath now race off-road trucks, is right across the street.

Rick Romio CMC #433

Rico Romio Photo 1985 USGP
David Baily 1985USGP


Rick, thanks for the photos.  I especially like this photo (above) of [David] Baily due to a fond personal memory.  In the early 80's or late 70's, Roger [DeCoster] came to my dad and me to brainstorm ways of making as much of the track 2 to 3 lines as possible. 

The primary example of a single line was the last 90* left turn at the bottom of the 2nd Downhill (the one David's taking in your photo).  You had a tight right and then that immediate 90* to the left before your final immediate right turn.  Then you were into the Far Section leading up to the Drop-off.

My dad, Roger and I (mostly my dad & Roger) came up with the idea of adding a nice sized "bump" to the inside line.  The three of us (mostly me) then added the idea of making the outside line into kind of a sweeping banked turn.  Our brainstorming was followed by my brother working it with the tractor until we had something for Roger to test ride.  It opened that section of the track so well that we implemented the idea throughout the entire track.  I should call Roger and thank him again!

John Taylor and I maintained those types of lines, and that particular "bump", on through the last MX.  In fact, when I gave Marty [Moates] the Last Lap at Carlsbad, a solo lap, he rode that same "bump."  Thanks for the good memories.


Hi there, my name is Mike Clancy, and I found your site doing a search for a classmate about the Raceway. Back in the late 60`s, my Dad would take me to the drags and it was great!! I couldn`t hear anything my Mom said for two days. Years later I got to race there doing motocross and the TT course for the Tankslappers Gran Prix and the A.M.A. District 38 series as well as the Christmas Gran Prix. All will hold a special place in my life. I now live in the midwest since 2001 and have read and seen reports about the track's demise, but the memories will last forever. Thanks for maintaining the site, love the night pics of the area. Here are some shots of my best memories racing at "NIRVANA". Peace.  -- Mike

Mike Clancy MX Photo 1
Mike Clancy MX Photo 2
Mike Clancy MX Photo 3

I was the one of the announcers for Racing Enterprises Motocross and an avid racer. I spent some of the best times of my life racing and announcing races there from 90-97. I’m proud and privileged to have had the experience… Much love and respect to Frank and Myra, the track staff and volunteers, and my fellow racers.
- Walter Crawford “Wally”


Some of you may not know that Carlsbad Raceway is something of a phenomenon since it operated almost 17 years beyond its notice to vacate the premises. Here is a copy of the 1st letter to vacate.

Just for fun...a Carlsbad Raceway fender cover from the early 1960s.
Now some night photos....
carlsbad raceway looking east mapped

Sorry the night photos aren't more clear but it is hard to fly the plane in circles through the approach path of the airport, at night, as low and slow as you can, looking through a camera viewfinder, while trying to hold the camera steady enough to get a clear shot in such low light. I'll try a better camera and have my dad go with me to do the flying next time. --Jeff

carlsbad raceway looking East no map

Some are still inquiring about current races at Carlsbad. The Raceway officially closed in August of 2004 and there have been no races there since that time. This site is for reminiscing about good times gone by. The Carlsbad Raceway Business Park now stands where we once raced. Thanks for your interest, and we can always use more photos or scanned items to help jog our memories....

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