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Pics above from Oscar Garrett
I lived in Carlsbad from 1976- 1989, and I
raced there almost every week, of
course it was on a motorcycle and it
appears you don't have one photo of any
drag bikes anywhere, feeling no love
  --Ed Cicoria
Feel the's a photo for you.
Where are your drag bike photos, Ed?

We miss the track very much & my work makes me drive by the former track everyday and I witness all the construction. You would not even know that there once stood a raceway on the land. It had a great run, and I am proud to have been a part of it.                                              
-Mike Brazelton
White Truck Burnout -1
White Truck Burnout -2
White Truck Burnout -3
White Truck Burnout -4
White Truck Burnout -5
White Truck Burnout -6
White Truck Burnout -7
White Truck Burnout -8
Just want to say in behalf of the Brazelton family, we are
grateful of the years we had to race and enjoy Carlsbad
Raceway. We broke a lot of parts along the way,
but made some great friends!
                                                 -- Michael Brazelton
Oscar Garret sent the
burnout pictures.
Thanks, Oscar!
Warning! Drag racing is hazardous sign...
Garrett-Tinkertoy Picture-2
Garrett White Stingray-7
Garrett Drags Picture-1
Garrett drags Pic-3
Garrett Drags Pic-4
Garret Drags pic-5
Terry Embry 1974 Trans Am at Carlsbad Raceway-1
The only two pics I have of my
74 TA running on a drag strip,
and they were taken at
Carlsbad! I've run several
strips in the southland,
including the Brotherhood
Raceway Park. I will miss the
drive down the coast to
Carlsbad, as it was always
my favorite strip. Carlsbad
Raceway was to me exactly
what a "local" dragstrip is. I'll
forever have memories of the
return road and the timeslip
hand-offs, those were the
-- Thank you, Terry Embry
Thanks for the pictures
and comments, Terry!
Drags photo archives
I really enjoy your website,
thanks for posting all
these great shots of
racing at Carlsbad. Here's
two from Spring 2003-
JBA Antique Drags- one
shows the staging lanes
and the other a starting
line shot, where you can
see Woody in the
background and of course
Charlie on the
tree.........Pete W.
Send your favorite drag photos to us at
Hagen Photo -1
I enjoyed the track
over the years.
---Nick Hagen
I only wish I could have been there for the
last race. I really feel there is something
missing from my life after all those years not
being there, but I was caring for my parents
up north and could not be there, all I know is
I sure miss the old crowd and hope
everyone is doing well.... - Gary Rosso
Note: Thanks to Greg Roak for pointing out that the
wrong picture was beside the John S. comments. Fixed.

Hey, does this mean somebody's really reading this stuff?
My name might not sound familiar. But many
might not know, to me it is not just a simple
raceway. It was a place the Pena family once
called home -Georgina Pena
Hagen Photo -3
Hagen Photo - 2
Osborne--Best Burnout (Tom in lower left)
Jack at Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, CA March 2002
This was taken in June 1977. I am in the Camaro in the right
lane. Tom Haggin was the promoter then and he ran a bracket
points series usually on Sundays. I attended the first Div. 7
bracket finals for Team Carlsbad. Also ran in 78 before moving
to Georgia where I reside today. --John S.
History of 1969 Dodge Charger -- I was racing it back at Carlsbad from 1987 to
1990. It had a 440 sixpac and an automatic, Dana 60 3.54 gears. Best run was
13.04 @ 104, basically a stock 440 with a 3000 stall converter, on slicks.

I won the muscle car nationals with it in Sacramento in 1989, Junior stock big
block. and did all my tuning at Carlsbad.

I loved going to the track, learned a lot about Drag racing there.

Thank you for the web site. – Ed van Mourik
I love the web site! I miss racing there.
My last race there was a month before
you closed. I broke my Mustang there but
still pulled 11.65 I the quarter. Take care!
    – Mike Fenn USMC
See Links page for Mike's Website
Terry Embry pic2

Above: Bob Brazelton in 1983 run in Night Flight 23 T Altered (8 seconds)
Below: Bob runs out of real estate after the chute deploys
    Great site!  I lived in San Diego from 1983-2005 and enjoyed the track many times. I am submitting a
    couple of photos from my collection from 1983.  The local chapter of the SCCA held a Solo2 autocross
    there which was a run on the dragstrip and the return road.

    BELOW: In this photo I am in the gold TR8 (although that guy does have dark hair :-) ) and right behind
    me is Phil Binks in his rare 1965 Dolphin Jr. (Phil still races the Dolphin at the Monterey Historics every
    BELOW:  This is me negotiating chicane set up on the dragstrip to slow us down before the corner.

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