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I only wish I could have been there for the
last race. I really feel there is something
missing from my life after all those years not
being there, but I was caring for my parents
up north and could not be there, all I know is
I sure miss the old crowd and hope
everyone is doing well.... - Gary Rosso
My name might not sound familiar. But many
might not know, to me it is not just a simple
raceway. It was a place the Pena family once
called home -Georgina Pena
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Osborne--Best Burnout (Tom in lower left)
Drag Photos Below from Rob Murray
This was taken in June 1977. I am in the Camaro in the right
lane. Tom Haggin was the promoter then and he ran a bracket
points series usually on Sundays. I attended the first Div. 7
bracket finals for Team Carlsbad. Also ran in 78 before moving
to Georgia where I reside today. --John S.
History of 1969 Dodge Charger -- I was racing it back at Carlsbad from 1987 to
1990. It had a 440 sixpac and an automatic, Dana 60 3.54 gears. Best run was
13.04 @ 104, basically a stock 440 with a 3000 stall converter, on slicks.

I won the muscle car nationals with it in Sacramento in 1989, Junior stock big
block. and did all my tuning at Carlsbad.

I loved going to the track, learned a lot about Drag racing there.

Thank you for the web site. – Ed van Mourik
I love the web site! I miss racing there.
My last race there was a month before
you closed. I broke my Mustang there but
still pulled 11.65 I the quarter. Take care!
               – Mike Fenn USMC
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Thanks, Rob, for the pics!