Osborne--The crew
Osborne--Best Burnout (Tom in lower left)
Last Drag Tech Ever - Aug 8, 2004
Tom Axson 2001 Wheelie
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photo by gordon
Last Drag Race Tech Ever - Aug. 8, 2004
" Another aspect of my youth gone. By
now, at age 60, you'd think I'd be beyond
my eyes getting moist over such things!
"Thanks for the memories".
-- Peter Algover
Drag Photos from Todd Cernetic
Last Drag Tech Ever - Aug 8, 2004 - 2
I wish to thank all the staff and racers at Carlsbad Raceway
for providing a great place to race and meet fellow drag racers.  When
business would take me to your side of the country I would head to
Carlsbad with whatever rental car I could find and spend a wonderful day
with all of you.  I even met people there from my home state of Maine.

I will miss Carlsbad and the people I have met there over the years.  
It is a shame to lose such a valuable community asset as a dragstrip and
a shame to lose part of the history of the sport.  Perhaps someday in
the future there will be a new dragstrip in Southern California.  Thank
you all for the good times and good competition.  ---Ted Hunter
Renwick Tinkertoy Wheelie
Osborne--Aaron Dode Kyle John and Jonnie Earl.JPG
Osborne -- Tom prepping Sarah to drive the 55
Osborne -- Sarah inline to make her 1st pass
Click here to download video of
Charlie, and former owner, Larry
Grismer (truck.)
The last
cars down the track
on the last day of racing
at Carlsbad Raceway.
Thanks Linda Osborne for the
video and last day pictures.
Thanks to Tom Axson for this
picture of his 2001 wheelie.