August 19 - September 14, 2004
New road before going thru oval track 9-7-04 Staging lanes 9-14-04
Rattlesnack gulch goes Extra track JT added by the uphill
Top of Uphill Left was rest area now gone Where theu phill bridge used to be
Out of ledge entering Rattlesnakegultch First damage to the top of our beloved downhill
Far_West _end_of_CristmasGPtrack_at_Melrose Far section leading to dropoff
Crossing little uphill Crossing last jump on the downhill
11feet of dirt over dragstrip 9-7c 11feet of dirt over dragstrip 9-7
11feet of dirt over dragstrip 9-7b These guys should be disqualified! Staging lanes fence goes--Entrance logs cut up
eighth mile looking east eighth mile looking west
New street gutted for sewer Dragstrip looking toward timing tower
Drag Start Left Drag Start Right Pits looking south
New Road Gets to the Drag Strip Drag from upper stands Drag from upper stands
New road gets to the drag strip Drag from the Timing Tower Digging Under the Drag 8-19-04
Gradestake by drag rail
Flyer distributed August 13th after
destruction of drag strip

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Grade stake at 8th mile
Grade stake at 8th mile