In November 2005, we posted a program photo of the 2nd Annual Motorcycle Road Racing
75-Mile National Championship we held Sept. 24, 1967.  By coincidence, the same week, Scott
Rousseau published an "Archives" article on Gary Nixon.  In the 7th paragraph Gary talks about
winning the 1967 Carlsbad Open National but seizing his 250 and breaking his right thumb.  Back
then men didn't sue everybody.  Thanks Gary!



I really enjoyed your website
with the old photos of the
tracks. Keep those
memories coming. Thanks
for keeping Carlsbad
Raceway going for 40 years.

When was the first USGP
held at Carlsbad?

It was 1971.

I was a young teen then but I
do remembe
r my first Hang
Ten Grand Prix with Rolf
Tibblin riding around on the
with a 50 pound camera and
battery mounted to his head
for AB
C. Over 15 years later
I worked in construction
with Rolf Tiblin in Palm
Springs for a couple of

Thanks for the memories.
– Gregory Martin
Final Day Group Pic
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Heikki 1979 USGP Start courtesy of Jan-Willen van Essen
Carlsbad 1972 by Guy Jamar
Carlsbad USA by Guy Jamar
Greetings from the official Mikkola-club
in Belgium!
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I attended the 1976 USGP of
Motocross and was really
impressed with the
track & race.  
– Michael “Soup” Campbell
Last Rider's Meeting Ever -- Aug. 8, 2004
Last Rider's Meeting Aug 8, 2004
Official Website
Lee Holth Vintage MX Finish
Bruce Forinash at Christmas GP in 1996!
Final Day at Carlsbad
Thanks to Jan-Willem van Essen from the
Netherlands for sending us this photo of the
1979 USGP Start.
Heikki Mikkola (1), Graham Noyce (5)
Gerrit Wolsink (4), and Brad Lackey (17).

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Thanks for the photos, Guy Jamar!
Hunny and Tim
1975 Rolf Tibblin with ABC Camera and Mark Blackwell following
Rolf Tibblin in front with camera;
Mark Blackwell following....
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Thanks for posting the photo of Rolf Tibblin
with the Helmet Cam. Talk about TOP heavy!
Only someone as tough as Rolf Tibblin could
ride around the track and keep up with Mark
Blackwell without having neck pains
afterwards. Rolf Tibblin was made of steel.
                                    --Gregory Martin